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Prabal Drug De-addiction And Mental Hospital

Posted by in on October 26, 2012

Prabal Drug De-addiction And  Mental  Hospital

Prabal Drug De-addiction and Psychiatric Hospital is well equipped 25 bedded hospital registered with State Mental Health Authority, Uttar Pradesh. The hospital has provision for admitting patients with all kinds of psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse disorders. At Prabal, the mentally sick and drug dependent patients are given therapeutic treatment and care. In addition, there is also provision for the treatment of those with special needs such as women drug users, adolescent drug users, drug users with dual diagnosis (drug or alcohol dependency with psychiatric illnesses). Similarly, patient of any age group, male or female suffering from any Psychiatric or Psychological problem is given full treatment with special care. Advanced therapies available for treatment like Hypnotherapy (Chemical and Psychological), Psychotherapies, Behavioral therapy, Relaxation exercises, Music Therapy, Yoga & Naturopathy. The overall treatment and care of the patients is taken by Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counselor and Social Worker. The hospital is adequately staffed with the round the clock availability of doctors, nurses as well as paramedical staff.
We at Prabal are encouraged by the cooperation received from guardians. We proudly, ascertain almost complete recovery of our patients. The numbers of our benefited patients are in thousands who are earning members and leading a respectable life in society. We encourage rehabilitation of our patients in family, work and society. This has largely contributed to the patient’s complete recovery and zeal in their life to live.
We hope to give best of our services and open to receiving new ideas / suggestions.
Add: SP 21, Sector -C, Chetan Vihar Colony,(Near Regional Science Centre) Aliganj, Lucknow-24.
Tel No- 05222325078, Mob No- 9415102407.
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