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Why Buzzlist

New Rule for Survival of the fittest: Buzz or Die

Darvin’s principle is not yet outdated but now we have a new definition of  “the fittest”. In today’s competitive world, you must be able to create buzz about your business or it will fail. We all start business because we are good at something and we want others to know about it and at Buzzlist we help you create Buzz about your product & services and help you market them to the target audience on selective basis.

Buzzlist is first of its kind directory listing service where we provide customized match-making service for your business. We have a simple philosophy that Seller knows what he wants to sell and buyer knows what he wants to buy. With hectic work schedules buyers are not getting time to review and research and on the other hand there are good sellers who are not getting fair share even with quality product as they do not have time to advertise and target relevant customer base.

Following is the summary of unique features:

  • Seller can submit their “offer” listing to Buzzlist Directory. In order to submit your listing you need to register to our website.
  • Registration is required so that you can manage your listing, to do so simply register using your desired username and a valid email id, once your register and submit your listing please save link/address of your listing (or your can later browse your listing manually) which you will need in order to update/manage your listing.
  • Buyer can either browse through the available listing or Send us request to provide customized report (free registration is required).
  • For customized seller /product review, we will not only consider the listings available on this site but also the relevant listings available on entire world wide web. So Buyers can be rest assured that they will have wide range of choices.
  • We value your privacy and hence we never ask buyers to list their email IDs or contact numbers online, instead we share sellers’ information with buyer and allow buyer to choose from the seller based on our customized review report.
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